For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to all things makeup and hair. From chasing my friends around the house with combs and brushes, so that I could give them lopsided ponytails. To smearing lipstick on every babydoll and teddy bear that I owned--and named Nicole. All of my earliest memories are centered around cosmetics and combs.

When it came time to pick career paths in high school, it came as no surprise to my family that I wanted to skip the ACT and the SAT. My guidance counselor was mortified, but I had done my research. Days after graduating from high school, I boarded a plane from Okinawa, Japan and made my way to Kernersville, North Carolina. TALK ABOUT CULTURE SHOCK!!!!! Over the next 9 months, I learned about all things hair, skin and nails. Cosmetology school was so much more than just clocking in and collecting the mandatory hours. I learned valuable lessons about the beauty industry and what it means to be of service to my clients. 

After a few years of managing salons in North Carolina, I took my talents to the Jersey Shore-- No Snookie. At the Shore, I partnered with other makeup artists and we traded knowledge. I made wigs for drag queens, and they taught me all their tricks! I had the time of my life, from drag balls to pagents. My summers were full of fun! 

Eventually, life lead me to Hampton Roads and into the On Location Beauty Business. The last 4 years have been challenging, but they have also been extremely fulfilling. Every time I walk into a bridal suite, I am surprised by the challenges and questions that I am asked. While some people would take that as a negative of this job, it's my favorite part. I love being the calm in the middle of the storm and transforming everyone. 

In the years to come, I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams.