It never fails, I walk into a bridal suite and begin to set up my work station. I introduce myself to each client and get ready to work some magic. As I work through each client I am asked question after question. What products do I use for this? What product do I like for that? How about this technique? Do I have a youTube channel? Sometimes the questions come days or weeks later via email or phone call.

Since I love sharing this information with my clients, I figured that a blog would be the best place to share these things with the entire world. Sharing IS caring right?  

Starting February 2017 I will bring you information on my favorite hair and makeup products. Share my favorite techniques, and answer your beauty questions. I'll even share some beautiful wedding and special event inspiration! 



If you have any questions, or would like me to do a blog about a certain topic. Email me at

I'm so excited for this adventure!